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horrible - please don't buy

a truly stupid game. Don't make the mistake I did of buying it. The game's incredibly boring, the controls are aweful and the sheep are so dumb sometimes you want to strangle them. You can only do one level at a time and if you get stuck on one there's nothing else to do. DON'T BUY IT. TRUST ME!!


Hate this "game" ... want my money back! There are NO instructions, can't figure it out, but no where to go for help. What a waste of money!

Fun "Real Time Puzzle" game.

I really enjoy the fact that this game is about saving lives not taking them. (I enjoyed Abe's Odysee for the same reason). This is a fun game that has a lemmings style of game play. The sheep just run and you have to guide them through the maze. I don't game much but once in a while I like to spend a few minutes playing and I have to say I enjoyed this game quite a bit. Production quality of the game is pretty high. Audio, graphics, and gameplay are all really clean. I only had time to play it for about 30 minutes but the game play seems to get challenging and I'm looking forward to playing more. Well worth the price.

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