Running Sheep App Reviews

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Hate this "game" ... want my money back! There are NO instructions, can't figure it out, but no where to go for help. What a waste of money!

Fun "Real Time Puzzle" game.

I really enjoy the fact that this game is about saving lives not taking them. (I enjoyed Abe's Odysee for the same reason). This is a fun game that has a lemmings style of game play. The sheep just run and you have to guide them through the maze. I don't game much but once in a while I like to spend a few minutes playing and I have to say I enjoyed this game quite a bit. Production quality of the game is pretty high. Audio, graphics, and gameplay are all really clean. I only had time to play it for about 30 minutes but the game play seems to get challenging and I'm looking forward to playing more. Well worth the price.

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